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  • Visit Buckinghamshire & the Chilterns (VB) is the Destination Management Organisation for Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns. The accountable body is Buckinghamshire Business First.
  • Membership of VB is for businesses located in Buckinghamshire or close to its borders.
  • When providing us with your email address you consent to receiving email communications from the Buckinghamshire Business First Group. You can view our Privacy Policy here and you can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.
  • VB provides this website platform for tourism visitors to the site and for members to support each other. VB cannot be held liable, including financial responsibility, for the action taken as a result of content on this website. The information is provided by VB and its members in good faith. If you find any content that you find to be incorrect or inappropriate please report this to the VB team using the Feedback Form on the website.

Data and Cookies

  • Our Privacy Policy describes what data we collect about our members and how this is used.
  • Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your computer to improve your experience. By registering as a member of VB you are providing your consent for the use of these cookies. 
  • When you create an VB account with us we will download a  cookie for the management of the signup process and general administration. This cookie will remain on your computer to remember your login details and site preferences.
  • We use a system called CookieBot. When you use the website you will be invited by CookieBot to see the cookies in use on the site. You can selectively allow the use of these various cookies depending on your preferences. 



  • We hope that you value being a member of Visit Buckinghamshire (VB). Your investment in VB helps to fund the promotion of Buckinghamshire as a tourist destination and the support services we provide to our members. Once we receive your investment payment we would not ordinarily offer you a refund on this investment. The only exception to this is if you change your mind in the first 14 days – see ‘Cooling off’ below.
  • Your membership will automatically renew after 12 months as a free member. If you have previously invested you will receive an email 15 days before your paid membership expires, asking if you’d like to re-invest or continue as a free member only. 
  • You can upgrade your membership at any time by increasing your investment level. If you upgrade part way through the year we will deduct from the new investment amount the remaining investment monies. As an example: You invested £150 six months previously and you now want to upgrade to a £500 member package. Your £500 package will begin today and last for a year.  We will deduct any balance from your original package - in this example £75 i.e. half of the original £150 package. You would pay £425 + VAT (£500 minus £75).  
  • Cooling off. If you change your mind within 14 days of making an investment in VB we will refund your payment. If you have used any of the VB services within the first 14 days we reserve the right to deduct the value of this from the refund. Complete the Feedback Form to request a refund.
  • As an invested member you can submit content to the website. VB reserves the right to remove or edit any content submitted by you. We expect our members to remain respectful, professional and courteous at all times. We aim to provide a website platform that contributes to the betterment of Buckinghamshire as a place to grow tourism. 
  • VB reserves the right to amend or withdraw any specific membership benefits you receive as a result of your investment with us.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership of Visit Buckinghamshire please complete the Feedback Form or email info@visitbuckinghamshire.org. We would really welcome your feedback so please tell us why you no longer wish to be a member. By terminating your membership we will remove your Profile from the VB website and unsubscribe you from receiving the various membership email communications.         

Last reviewed June 2023 

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