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Make your own wedding rings experience days & other bespoke jewellery services.

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Looking for the ultimate wedding experience or bespoke jewellery item?


Roz from Rosalyn's Emporium holds private workshops during which couples are taught how to turn bars of precious metals in to their own or each others wedding rings. They can also make & personalise a selection of silver jewellery or gifts for their bridal party so share the love of making something unique with those close to them.


Roz also offers bespoke jewellery services such as designing & making jewellery just for you, repairing or remodelling existing items.


A professional & experienced service specialising in unique requests & commissions.


Roz will be holding adult & children's make your own silver jewellery & gift classes at The Chiltern Open Air Museum from Spring 2018 onwards. Contact her to find out more information.


Client reviews:


"Once all the dust has settled, and the thrill of the big day is a delightful memory, it is all those wonderful people who helped make the day happen that jump to the forefront of my mind and none more so than Roz who has left a lasting and most special impression on us.


Calm, gentle and most organised, we felt confident and at ease right from the off. Her clear and very reassuring guidance through the day was amazing!


It left us desperate to get the rings on our fingers so we could be reminded of that wonderful bond now firmly wrapped around our fingers and our hearts."


Andrew & Ros; Married October 2017




"My wife purchased the experience with Roz as a present ahead of our wedding, and the experience was wonderful.


My wife and I both really enjoyed making the rings - and were (pleasantly) surprised about how much of the work we did.


It was very much a case of Roz showing us how to do it all, rather than doing most of it and us contributing.


The finished rings therefore felt very special and personal. The rings themselves look fantastic and the service was top notch.


I would really recommend this as a lovely activity to do and a way to make your wedding rings even more special and treasured. "


Chris & Rachel; Married September 2017




"There are many wonderful things you can do to make your wedding the most amazing and memorable day of your lives, but whatever you do and whatever you spend on it, it will be over once the day is done.


You can also spend fortunes getting the most beautiful and sparkly wedding rings for each other, but there is a far far better way of doing it.


We discovered Rosalyn when she had just started out, and we were the first couple through her workshop.


We had such a fun day learning about the metalwork and crafting each other's rings.


By the end of the day we had two (actually three because we made a silver one as a keepsake for my step-son) beautiful rings to give each other at our wedding.


A year on I find myself often looking at the ring on my finger, knowing that every part of it was lovingly crafted by nobody but my wonderful wife, for me, and that is something that I shall keep every day, forever.


I genuinely think that you are missing out on something incredibly special if you do not go to see Rosalyn for your rings. "


Mark & Rachel; Married January 2017




"So I feel in love with this lady’s business plan and her personality when I met her earlier in the year, then took my fiancée to meet her last month as a prelim to engaging her services.


Got our consultation and workshop dates all booked in and then she goes an announces she’s been nominated for yet another national award!


Just proves we’ve chosen the right person to help us make our own rings and be unique.


She’s super patient with our booking conversation, very quick response and the world appears to be our oyster for our plans ahead. So looking forward to our time in her studio."


Andrew & Claire; Due to be married June 2020

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