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Three Friends, Late Nights, Two Loves: Pubs and Beer.

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Our Story

Three friends, who met at school, strived to find their 'academic' calling but were consistently drawn to the world of pubs, beer & events. They had found their vocation.

In 2012 the friends were approached to buy out part of a local brewery but politely declined, however the seed was sown. In the process they met Dan, a young brewer full of ambition and ideas.

A few moons (and pints) later, talks around the brewery were reignited and discussions began in earnest. Works on converting an old stable yard into a brewery began in 2016 and a small pilot plant was bought so Dan, along with the three friends, could begin recipe research and development.

Why the name?

Blackpit is one of the friends' family farm, located between Silverstone and Stowe, that takes its name from Blackpit Lake, a 12th century stock pond to Luffield Abbey. The lake was was reported to be so fertile that its waters ran black with the backs of carp, hence the name Black-pit.

Blackpit lake then became part of the wider hunting grounds of the Stowe Estate and was included in the landscape garden designs of Capability Brown during the 1700s, many of the original landscape features of that design can still be seen today.

In the early 1900s, Blackpit farm was born and now, in 2016, a brewery has been formed on the banks of that very lake where the story started.

It's also worth mentioning that Blackpit not only borders Stowe to the south but the historic racing track, Silverstone, to the north. During Silverstone events, it's possible that the Brewery tap will be open. Keep an eye on our facebook if you're interested.

  • Black Pit Brewery
  • Black Pit Farm
  • Silverstone Road
  • Stowe
  • Buckinghamshire
  • MK18 5LJ


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