VE Day 75th Anniversary Lunch

Commemorate VE Day with us.

Brimming with history, Danesfield House was once home to the Intelligence Section of the RAF, known as RAF Medmenham. The unit specialized in photographic intelligence and was the ‘eyes’ to Bletchley Park’s ‘ears’.

• Glass of Prosecco and canapés.

• Three-course set lunch with half a bottle of house wine.

• Questions and Answers from leading authors of wartime stories, RAF personnel, war veterans, and many more very knowledgeable people!

• Signed books available for purchase from leading authors of wartime stories:

Elinor Florence, author of the best-selling wartime novel 'Bird's Eye View', which tells the compelling story of a young woman working for Allied Intelligence as a photo interpreter here at historic Danesfield House, formerly RAF Medmenham.

Michael Smith, author of 'The Secrets of Station X': How the Bletchley Park codebreakers helped win the war-The astonishing story of how the British codebreakers of Bletchley Park cracked the Nazi Enigma cyphers.

Julie Summers, author, researcher and historian 'Our Uninvited Guests' and 'Dressed For War' - Julie weaves together stories from ordinary lives and high society to provide a unique picture of life during the Second World War.

Christine Halsall, author of 'Women of Intelligence' who wrote a fascinating exploration of the secret war work carried out by women at RAF Medmenham, from Churchill’s daughter to girls escaping home for the first time; the story of their wartime life and work – in their own words.

Taylor Downing, author of 'Spies in the Sky' - The story of the daring reconnaissance pilots who took aerial photographs over Occupied Europe during the most dangerous days of the war and of interpreters who invented a competely new science to analyse those pictures!

• Secrets Revealed: Talk with Q&A's from 97 year old Charlotte 'Betty' Webb MBE, stationed at Bletchley Park, author of 'Secret Postings' - At 18 years of age Charlotte Vine-Stevens volunteered for the ATS, the Women's Army. Between 1941 and 1945 she became part of the war time codebreaking operation at the Government Code & Cypher School based at Bletchley Park. It is her work in the Japanese Section that leads Charlotte to see out the war in the Pacific at the Pentagon. Secret Postings charts Charlotte's life from a Shropshire village upbringing, to pre-war Germany, a World War 2 adventure at Bletchley Park, the Pentagon and beyond.

• Museum and exhibition of the photographic interpretation unit.

• £75 per person

Terms and conditions:

* The full itinerary of the day is being completed, we will have this available closer to the date. The lunch event will commence around 11am with talks and reception drinks in the Grand Hall, followed by lunch at 12.30-2pm in the Versailles Suite. More talks and Questions and Answers will continue in the afternoon in the Danesfield Suite and close around 4.30/5pm. The evening talks is only available for guests on the weekend package. Full pre-payment required at the time of booking.

* Limited availability

Reservations: or call 01628 891010


9th May 2020 - 9th May 2020
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Henley Road , Marlow-on-Thames, Buckinghamshire, SL7 2EY

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