Restoration Scaffold Tour

Restoration Scaffold Tour

The Stowe House Preservation Trust are currently restoring the State Dining Room Ceiling. The expert conservation team from Messenger BRC and Chroma Conservation have been busy cleaning the paintings and gilded framework, doing trials on the coving, reattaching flaking paint and filling in any cracks with the aim of finishing the ceiling by June 2021.

On this tour you will get the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of the restoration work, see the conservation team at work and view the beautiful detail of the ceiling up close!

Each tour will be led by one of our fabulous team, who will take a group of up to 6 people up to a scaffold platform to talk about the different aspects of the restoration and to show you the expert work being carried out.

You will be invited to a safety briefing before donning a hard hat and a hi-vis vest and tackling the four-storey scaffold tower to the building site.

Terms and Conditions

Climbers must be over 16 years old

Climbers must wear sturdy, secure shoes. Ballet pumps, flip flops and heels are not allowed.

We will be observing 2 metre Social Distancing, masks (please bring your own) will need to be worn whilst inside the house and we will provide gloves and hand sanitiser on arrival.

Bags must be left in the secure room at the beginning of the tour.

We advise any cameras are secured with a wrist or neck strap. The Stowe House Preservation Trust is not responsible for damage to any belongings taken on the scaffolding.

Climbers are responsible for judging their ability to tackle the Scaffold Climb. Please think carefully about whether you are happy with the height and if you a physically capable of climbing the stairs.

Scaffold Climbs will not be running on weekends or Bank Holidays as the building site will be closed on these days.


21st Jun 2021 - 21st Jun 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Pre-booking only
Stowe School, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5EH
Stowe House Preservation Trust

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