One World Animals - Bourne End - August 14th 2023

Meet, hold, and learn about some fascinating creatures such as snakes, lizards and tarantulas in this event in the summer holidays.

A bit about us

Meet Owlberta, our Scops owl. Is she a day or night owl?  How can you tell?  How can you tell if an owl is male or female?  Where in the world does she come from?

Will you wear a snake around your neck?  What about holding a tarantula or a mouse? 

What is a Tegu? How long is a chameleon's tongue?  

Join us to find out!! 

Monday August 14th in Bourne End, SL8 5SX. 

10.30am, 12.15pm and 2pm encounters.

The creatures we work with are beautiful, precious individuals. At our events we take care to get the environment right for them and all our guests, so that everyone has a chance to interact with them and get to know their fascinating stories.

Experience the Wonder.

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For visitors with visual impairments

Visually impaired guests are guided to handle the animals with a commentary of what the animals are doing, or which part of the animal the guest is touching.

For visitors with mobility impairments

Animals are brought to each guest to interact with.

For neurodiverse visitors

We have experience with guests with Autism and provide them with a personalised experience with the time to appreciate our animals.

  • One World Animals - Bourne End - August 14th 2023
  • Bourne End (Bucks) Community Association (BEBCA)
  • Wakeman Road
  • Bourne End, Wooburn Green
  • Buckinghamshire
  • SL8 5SX


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  • Parking available
  • Children welcome
  • Disabled access
  • Disabled WC available
  • WC
  • Seating available

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