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Nature connection & sensory immersion, workshops & group facilitation, disability inclusion training for nature and hertiage contexts

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I have been visually impaired for much of my life. I have channeled this experience into my work as a facilitator, campaigner, consultant, speaker and coach; fueled by my twin passions for the natural world and an inclusive society.

At the heart of what I offer is a fundamental belief that inclusion is the natural setting for healthy habitats and ecosystems. What I mean by that is that healthy habitats are those which are abundant with diverse species occupying all strata of the web of life, filling their particular niche, but also contributing to the health and well-being of the whole.

It seems to me therefore, that for our own human communities to become healthy, we need to work to create the conditions for all, whatever their background and circumstances, to find their niche, flourish and contribute to the well-being of our world.

What I offer is a variety of activities and services, based on my skills and experience to integrate the practice of inclusion into the blood-stream of our social, economic and natural ecosystems.

I work with organisations, groups and individuals in various settings, for such purposes such as nurturing trust and awareness, campaigning for a common cause or building consensus towards a shared vision.

Nature Sense

Nature connection for personal development or team building

People Sense | Super Sense | Supper Sense | Speaking Sense

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The SuperSense workshop was a fascinating sensory exploration of the Cannock Chase forest and opened up many hidden perspectives on listening to Living Symphonies in situ. It was hugely enjoyable for all involved and has changed many of the participant’s perspectives on their non-visual senses. We are incredibly grateful to Andy Shipley for his time, creativity and professionalism in instigating and running the workshop, and hope to explore the potential of working together again soon.

  • James and Daniel
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I remember when we met in the early summer thinking what an extraordinary experience it might be for the conference delegates; in the event the workshop exceeded my expectations and I know will have changed those who took part.

  • John Noble, Greenleaf
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