Veganuary in Buckinghamshire

If you look around social media there are two trends circulating this month, Dry January and Veganuary. Now, Dry January for us would be a little difficult because of all the fabulous distilleries, vineyards and breweries in Buckinghamshire. However, Veganuary we are ready to fully embrace!

If you are unaware of the #Veganuary trend, this is a month where people try out ‘veganism’, or at least vegan-friendly options. If you are someone who is trying to reduce your intake of animal produce this January, you will be happy to know that Bucks' businesses are aiming to embrace this also.

Stoke Place vegan menu

Stoke Place’s Michelin recommended restaurant ‘The King & Lamb’ are supporting Veganuary by creating a completely vegan menu which runs beside their ongoing menu. The extensive vegan menu is full of delicious choices which you can enjoy throughout January. Choose from either two or three courses of tasty plant-based dishes - the chocolate brownie gets our vote! You can download the menu here.

Yoyo Gurt

In Aylesbury’s town centre there is a delicious dessert parlour which offers vegan options all year round. So if you are in town and fancy something sweet, but are trying to continue with your veganism, Yoyo Gurt is the place to go! From watermelon sorbets with a choice of toppings, to smoothies than can be made with almond milk, there are some tasty treats to enjoy this Veganuary. Here is a list of what they have to offer:

1) Strawberry and Kiwi sorbet with fresh fruit, dried fruit & nuts as choice of toppings

2) Watermelon sorbet with fresh fruit, dried fruit & nuts as choice of toppings

3) All of their fruit smoothies can be vegan friendly as they offer them made with soya milk & almond milk instead of semi skimmed milk

4) Zaatar HOT WRAP with fresh tomato and cucumber inside. (Zaatar is a mix of oregano, thyme, and sesame seeds mixed with olive oil)

5) Coffees - the choice for almond milk and soya milk is present

6) Protein shakes - can be made using almond milk or soya milk

Vegan Tasting Menu in the André Garrett Restaurant

The Andre Garret Restaurant at Cliveden House have launched a seven course vegan tasting menu this January. Along with coffee and bon bons, this is a unique and delicious dining experience for a vegan foodie. Enjoy salt-baked heritage beetroot salad and marinated pineapple carpaccio. This is a fabulous menu in an even more fabulous venue! See the full menu here.

Bletchley Park vegan options

If you are looking to visit Bletchley Park over the next few weeks, you will be happy to know that not only does their café offer vegan options, but their luxurious afternoon tea can be made vegan too! In Hut 4, enjoy the soup, jacket potatoes or spiced tomato, pepper and five bean casserole served with rice and quinoa, after you have had a walk around the grounds and galleries of course. Their afternoon tea if pre-ordered can be also be made vegan friendly.

If you are looking to continue this ethos after January, then why not book this for a Mother’s Day treat?

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